Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is the best selling payroll software in the UK, and is used by over 50,000 companies to automate their payroll processing. It conforms to the latest government legislation and will quickly and easily deal with complex tasks such as NI and Tax Calculations, SSP/SMP and holiday entitlements - as well as full employee records, in-depth payment analysis, cheque and giro details, and statutory forms.

Sage Payroll has many features developed to make life easier, including a graphically illustrated Holiday and Absence Diary that lets you keep track of every holiday, sickness and non-sickness absence such as paternity leave, at a glance. Another invaluable time-saver is the Attachment of Earnings feature, which can automatically record employees’ community charge and maintenance payments, entering a percentage or amount to pay them back. Sage Payroll can be used alone or linked seamlessly with.