S-Link is Marda’s flagship product that is now celebrating 10 years of success in the UK market. S-Link is an innovative product integrating Sage 50 with Sage CRM which saves customers valuable time whilst enabling them to maximise returns. Developed in response to customer requests, S-Link provides Sage CRM users with real time Sage 50 accounts information on all trading partners (customers and suppliers), sales and purchase orders and stock – delivering cost effective benefits to the business and driving higher customer service levels.

This version is compatible with IE and Chrome browsers and the quote/order popup line item screens.

There are some other NEW S-Link configurable features in S-Link 7.3:

  • Add product during quote/order entry: This feature was added at the request of a customer a few years ago. When enabled, a button is added to the (product) line item entry screen which opens a popup window for adding a new product. After entering the product details, clicking 'Save' closes the window, adds the new product to CRM and Sage 50 and populates the line item screen with the new product details. There is a further configurable option to delay adding the new product to Sage 50 until the order is posted to Sage 50 SOP - quotes can therefore be raised in CRM and Sage 50 stock items created only for those that result in an order.
  • Allocate stock on post to SOP: The default setup is for orders to be posted to SOP unallocated. With this option enabled, orders are posted to Sage 50 with stock items allocated. If Sage 50 is set to 'allow negative stock', the items are posted fully allocated. If 'allow negative stock' is off, the items are allocated up to the free stock available. Post orders to invoices: When enabled, CRM orders will be posted to Sage 50 Invoicing instead of Sage 50 SOP. Note that Sage 50 Invoicing is not currently synchronised with CRM, and sales order synch should be disabled if this feature is enabled.
  • Configure line item popup window size: The size of the line item popup windows can be configured to make them large enough to fit the line item screens, saving having to resize them manually for each item added to a quote/order.
  • Disable change tax code: When set, this option will disable the tax code selection fields in quote/order entry, ensuring that the default tax codes are used.
  • Filter products in synch: By default, all products are synched into CRM. With filtering enabled, products can be filtered by product category and / or the three custom fields on the product/web tab. This enables the filtering out of product records that are not intended for sale, eg components in a manufacturing company.
  • Filter customers in synch: With this option, an account status code can be entered and all customers with that status code are filtered out of the synch.. Customers can therefore be deleted from CRM without being re-created again by S-Link if the status code is set on the account. The default inactive account status code is '99'.
  • Key features of S-Link:


    • Import/synchronises Sage 50 Accounts Customer, Supplier, Products, Price Lists, People and Addresses with CRM
    • Create Sage 50 Accounts Customer/Supplier accounts from CRM Companies
    • Maintain Sage 50 Accounts Customer and Supplier accounts from CRM


    • Gives customer facing personnel easy access to all the information needed to deliver  excellent customer service
    • Provides relevant financial information including current balance, credit limit, agedanalysis and warning messages for over credit limit, terms not agreed etc
    • Sales and purchase order enquiries, including order status, despatch and allocation, delivery notes and stock availability

    Sales Orders and Quotes

    • Create quotes/orders in CRM using Sage 50 products, prices and discount structures
    • Create Sage 50 sales orders directly from CRM orders ready for processing and despatch - saves time and minimising user error

    Linking Accounts

    • Users can create and link accounts or can link to existing accounts
    • Changes are submitted and synchronised automatically

    S-Link Sales Order Integration

    • Data Import/ Synchronisation – Import/ synchronise Sage 50 with CRM products; Import/ synchronise Sage 50 price lists to construct CRM price lists.
    • CRM quotes – Create CRM quotes using Sage 50 customer pricing and discounts, including quantity discounts. Quotes may then be converted to orders using CRM function.
    • CRM Orders – Create CRM orders using Sage 50 customer pricing and discounts, including quantity discounts; Post CRM order to Sage 50 SOP to create Sage 50 sales order; View Sage 50 order from CRM order including line item delivery status, invoices and delivery notes.


    Click here to download the S-Link brochure