Marda Associates 10 point guide

Here are 10 ways why implementing a CRM system impacts your business:

  1. Improved visibility and sharing of information across all departments. CRM allows you to view the activity of teams and individuals. From history with a customer, current deals, complaints, credit issues – basically the ability to work as a coordinated unit which will result in less wasted effort and better service and happier customers.
  2. Increase productivity:  a new CRM system is only useful if there are perceived benefits for the individual actually using it. The opposite is also true. If an individual feels that ‘big brother’ is watching them then this leads to users by-passing the system and consequent gaps in the information held and ultimately a failed CRM initiative. This is easily avoided by introducing how CRM can help an individual in their role.
  3. Ability to make sound business decisions: CRM provides management with information at the click of a button.
  4. CRM provides a structured framework for compliance. Frequent complaints in the workplace focus around the lack of structure for dealing with problems or day to day duties. Sage CRM offers the opportunity to bring a common workflow and enforce rules that have to be complied with. Various stages can be built into the CRM system to ensure compliance.  
  5. Improved productivity: how much time is wasted in any organisation searching for documents, correct contact details, etc.? At its simplest, SageCRM will provide you with a repository of every important contact, document, phone call and email relevant to a particular company. You’re literally one click away from this information!
  6. CRM provides easy segmentation of data to provide structured targeted marketing campaigns. The ability to market to the right people from lists that work, resulting in higher lead generation figures and improved ROI
  7. Improved customer service: your front of office team is more effective with customers because they have instant access to a complete view of all customer interactions. With up-to-date and complete customer information at their fingertips, your employees can resolve customer issues more quickly and successfully create cross or up-sell opportunities.
  8. Better decision-making: SageCRM provides a single view of the customer across all touch points and channels, as well as delivering comprehensive reports of customer behaviour, marketing campaign results and sales activity. Each of these elements are necessary for smart decision making and long terms strategic planning.
  9. Greater efficiency: With an integrated S-Link and SageCRM system, you can gain immediate access to your organisation’s critical customer information. SageCRM also increases internal efficiencies by automating workflow processes, reducing human error, decreasing process time and providing consistency throughout the entire organisation.
  10. New sales opportunities: SageCRM classifies your prospects and helps identify your best customers. With detailed information on your customers you can accurately project and respond to their buying needs throughout the sales cycle. SageCRM also helps you automate routine sales tasks allowing you to spend more time on strategic sales issues and closing deals!